Silk road stage 6 – Munich to Linz

After my big ride to Munich, I needed to catch up on some sleep. I knew I had a big ride ahead of me to visit TCR no4 veteran and TCR no5 crew member Oliver Wolf in Linz, Austria. But when the alarm went off, getting up was just too hard and I went back to sleep. So I was off to a pretty late start and knew I had no time to waste on my way to Linz.

For some reason my Lezyne GPS (which is the one I use for routing because it does a better job than garmin) refused to calculate a route. So I was pretty much on my own for directions. I started riding East, following a big street out of Munich. I learned that the Germans don’t like it when cyclist ride on the road instead of the bike path. Even if the road has three empty lanes and said path is way rougher.

So  there I was, riding east following my compass on a bright sunny day. After some time I got to the countryside. There came a junction. I looked at my phone to see exactly where I was. That is when I realized this whole time I had been riding East but also slightly south, when mine is actually a tiny bit  North of Munich. For someone who wasn’t supposed to waste anytime, I was doing a pretty bad job. I changed my cape to north east and kept going.

From then I was treated to a really nice way out of Germany. Nice hills, quiet roads, an alternance of pastures and forests. Due to the terrain, I was not making good progress but at least I was enjoying myself. My routing was pretty good, perhaps better than these of Lezyne or Garmin. Midday, I was about to reach the border town of Burghausen when I got to a road that was closed due to works. After a couple of minutes I found a kid, maybe 17 years old, lying in the ditch next to his bike and crying. He did not seem heavily injured but it looked like he was in a lot of pain. The problem was he couldn’t speak English and my German is very limited. I told him to wait (which is silly cause he clearly wasn’t going anywhere) and went to get help. I brought a woman who was living in a house nearby. When we got back to him, two men were taking care of him as well. A doctor was on his way so I got back on my bike and headed to Burghausen.

After a nice stroll in the forest, I got to town, crossed the river Inn and there I was, in Austria. I got on a bike path along the river believing it would lead me all the way to Braunau, because that is what the sighed said. Pretty soon it turned to gravel then it became a single track through the forest and finally it ended abruptly. I had to go back, having lost time again.

 A steep climb brought me to the main road. It was not busy and went through and dark and dense forest, following the Inn am the way to Braunau. There the road got busier. It was quite boring all the way to Ried, just big fields and nothing to look at. A little later night fell. It was still more than an hour to Linz and I got surprised big a couple of big hills. But the nice thing is that from the top of the last own to Oliver’s place it was just a long descent. The most gracious host you could wish for, he welcomed me in his flat and cooked me a nice pasta dish.

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