My Travels

There no life like life on the road

Since 2011, I've been on twelve different tours, including two cross country races in the United States. This amounts to 86.000km, more than twice the circumference of the earth.


16.300km in 3 months across 17 countries

(France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary,

Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Khazakstan,

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and China)

Daily average : 201km

Longest stage : 480km

Highest point : 4600m

7000km in 20 days racing the Trans American Bike Race

Daily average : 350km

Longest stage : 850km

Elevation gain : 61.000m

8th placed

8000km in 2 months across 5 countries

(Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam)

Daily average : 160km

Longest stage : 450km

Elevation gain : 45.000m


20.000km in 4 months across New-Zeland, Australia,

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China

Daily average : 180km

Longest stage : 450km

Elevation gain : 175.000m

1st placed : Strava distance challenge (March)

1st placed : Strava climbing challenge (April)

4400km in 16 days racing the Tour Divide

Daily average : 270km

Longest stage : 600km

Total ascent : 60.000m

3rd placed / 1st rookie

4500km across 2 canadian provinces and 7 american states

Daily average : 220km

Longest stage : 800km

Elevation gain : 15.000m


4000km in 3 weeks across France, Italy, Slovenia,

Croatia and Bosnia

Daily average : 200km

Longest stage : 300km

Elevation gain : 50.000m


4500km in a month on the Great Divide Mountain Bike

Route (Alberta, British Columbia , Montana, Idaho,

Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico)

Daily average : 150km

Longest stage : 220km

Elevation gain : 60.000m


2000km in 2 weeks across France and Italy

Daily average : 170km

Longest stage : 200km

Elevation gain : 26.000m


5000km in 2 month across Indonesia and Malaysia

Daily average : 130km

Longest stage : 160km

Elevation gain : 35.000m

3000km in a month between Tehran and Istanbul

Daily average : 150km

Longest stage : 230km

Elevation gain : 24.000m


7000km in 5 months across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, myanmar, Malaysia and Singapour

Daily average : 100km

Longest stage : 150km

Elevation gain : 50.000m

The journey never ends